Авиатор ойынының трюктері және жеңіске жету стратегиялары

Aviator слотындағы ойынды ұйымдастыру өте қарапайым және интуитивті. Табысқа жету және үлкен жеңіске жету үшін сізге ешқандай дағдылар немесе білім қажет емес. Әрбір ойыншыға «Авиатор» ойынының өзіндік стратегиясы мен тактикасы бойынша әрекет ету немесе басқа ойыншылардың ұсыныстары мен тәжірибесін пайдалану мүмкіндігі беріледі.

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How to Win at Aviator

The rules of the game are very curt, but at the same time, they give the player maneuvers and a choice of tactics. The gambling task is to cash out winnings in time, while the coefficient of the round increases when the Lucky Plane takes off. The higher the coefficient, the bigger wins will be received. The point is that the number of odds at which the round ends cannot be predicted in advance. Its value is determined by adding the first three bets of the players and the slot operator. Accordingly, neither the casino, nor the conspiracy of the participants, nor third parties can influence the amount of the round. You can check the truthfulness of the gameplay on the online calculator. That is why the Aviator winning scheme is both plain and exciting at the same time.

Aviator Game Strategy

The term strategy should be understood as a set of actions and behaviors that predetermines the achievement of a specific goal. When forming your Aviator strategy, you should take into account several factors that can affect the betting scheme and the choice of tactics:

  1. Settle on sums. The player should determine for himself the amount of funds on the balance that he is ready to bet on one crush game, the amount he can spend per game day. And obviously, he should think over the money that can be lost without harming a balance, and the sum he considers to win. All these figures will help establish the criteria for safe gambling and protect the player from a critical loss.
  2. Play the demo first. Thinking over the strategy of the game, train on the demo version. It is available free of charge.
  3. Watch the ratios. The game allows you to see the statistics for the previous rounds. For example, if a plane flies away at low values ​​for several rounds in a row, then there is a chance that the next round may end with a jackpot.
  4. Use automatic settings. They guarantee your cash-out at the specified values, eliminating the chance you will be distracted from the screen and lose the entire bet.
  5. Control your excitement. After a big win, you should not bet on the entire amount, and vice versa, in case of a loss, you should not bet the rest of the amount, hoping to win back. Take a break, don’t push your luck.

You should decide on the main directions of your Aviator casino strategy, it will become easier for you to decide on tactics, to think over your actions based on the situation.

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What Tactics to Choose in Aviator

On the Internet, you can find descriptions of the tactics of playing Aviator in 2022. This topic is devoted to many reviews on the forums, videos on YouTube, channels in instant messengers, and more. Each tactic author gives an unconditional guarantee of its success, based solely on his personal experience.

  1. Small coefficient tactics. The peculiarity of this tactic is to set auto-cash out at low coefficient values. Do not bet on a multiplier value greater than x1.50. According to statistics, such values ​​​​are more likely to play than large indicators. However, this tactic also has disadvantages: small winnings are not more than 10%, and if the indicator is below x1.09, you can lose the entire bank.
  2. Moderate risk tactics. This Aviator gambling tactic is to make a cashout on x2-5 values, the probability of such quotes playing out is 40-42%. A loss of such a value can be expected if several rounds in a row had low multiplier values.
  3. One-round risky earnings tactics. The value of the x100 ratio drops out in the Aviator game no more than once per hour and a half. The meaning of the tactic is to find the last multiplier with such a value, count the time interval, and set an automatic conclusion on this coefficient. The tactic is quite dangerous, especially for beginners, but if you are lucky, you can win a significant amount.
  4. Two simultaneous bets tactics. It combines the advantages of low odds and moderate risk tactics. To play, you need to use both windows at once. To achieve the maximum result, it is best to set the first one to automatic bets with a multiplier of x1.20-1.50, and in the second one, play according to a moderate risk strategy, that is, bet on x2-5.

These descriptions can be used by you to build your tactics. They are described for informational purposes, so remember that they do not give a 100% guarantee of winning.

Is it Possible to Cheat the Aviator

The strategies and tactics of the Aviator slot do not encompass cheating either the players, the application, or the Mostbet bookmaker. They are aimed solely at arranging the gambling process and do not contradict the rules of the game and the Terms and Conditions of Mostbet. You can’t deceive the Aviator slot. It is not possible to adjust the results of the round since its indicators are calculated mathematically and established on the bets of the players and the gaming operator. The principle of Provably Fair cannot be deceived or rigged. If you are offered some kind of scheme to hack or deceive the Aviator, it is a deception and a fraudulent scheme.

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Schemes of Winning and Secrets of the Game

To be confident to stay with a positive balance while performing Aviator, you should remember the simple Aviator secrets of a successful game:

  • Experienced players advise betting no more than 10% of the total amount of the deposit and balance. Ideally, apply 2-5%. Such values ​​will keep your balance safe from a heavy loss, and such amounts are easier to win back.
  • Don’t bet on high odds immediately after a jackpot round. The probability of a re-round with an extensive ratio is negligible, but in this case, you can lose the bet entirely. It is effective to bet on x1. 50-2, you are guaranteed to get your winnings.
  • Analyze previous rounds. If they ended on low multipliers several times in a row, there is a chance that the next rounds will be held with a higher value. Plan your bids with this information in mind.
  • Control your excitement. If you get the desired profit, do not make extensive bets. Emotions and drive can only distract from the chosen tactics. Better take a break and rest.
  • Don’t use tactics you’re not ready for. For example, if you are playing Aviator with a moderate risk scheme, do not try a risky earning tactic without practicing it in the demo version.
  • Take breaks, don’t play for more than an hour. By concentrating on one activity for a long time, you lose focus, which can negatively affect your response and efficiency.
  • Use the responsible gaming settings. They will help warn you against unwanted losses on your balance.

Applying these Aviator game secrets in practice, you will be able not only to maintain the balance but also proliferate it over.

Are There Aviator Hacking Programs?

On the Aviator reviews, forums’ pages, and game chats, you can come across offers to buy and install Aviator hacking apps. Such offers allegedly break the gamble system and show the player the result of the round even before it starts or help to cash out. Of course, there is a payment for such programs. Be aware these schemes are fraudulent. In addition to wasting money for paying for such applications, you run the risk of installing a virus app that can harm your device and cause the loss of finances and confidential information. The Aviator system is built on mathematical foundations, the parameters of which are set both by the game operator and the players. It is impossible to predict an algorithm that is based on the players’ bets. Neither the Mostbet bookmaker, the game operator, nor third parties can influence the outcome of the round.


What is the most profitable Aviator tactic?
All tactics involve winning in Aviator. Their difference is in the risks that the player is ready to take, no tactic can guarantee 100% success.
How to raise money in Aviator?
The only way to make money in Aviator is to make a deposit, and start playing. Without making a deposit, you cannot earn real winnings.
What is the forecast for the game in Mostbet?
Mostbet, as well as the provider of the Spribe slot, evaluated the effectiveness of the game and determined the Aviator forecast as 97% RTP.
Do tactics and strategies work at Mostbet?
Yes, the player can use any strategies and tactics available to him playing the Aviator slot on Mostbet.
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